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Dr Melissa Barnes has 12 years of University training in the areas of science and nutrition including a Doctor of Philosophy in physiology and nutrition.  She also has 10 years of experience working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  This combination of skills is unique and supports Melissa's passion for working with people to achieve their health goals.

Her recent professional activities include:

Member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia’s (DAA) reference group for rewriting the DAA’s obesity management guidelines which formed the basis of the NH&MRC’s (National Health & Medical Research Council) obesity guidelines.

Member of DAA’s diabetes interest group committee bringing continuing education activities to dietitians.

Speaker for Diabetes Victoria on the topic of carbohydrate counting.

Organising committee for DAA’s Small Business Management road show which hosted work shops around Australia in 2013-2014

Dietetic services to St John of God Bendigo for 6 months in 2014 during restructure of services

Publication in “Australian Ageing Agenda” (Sep 2015) and “Aged Care InSite” (June 2016) regarding the dangers of muscle loss in the elderly and how to prevent it.

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    Start Where You Are offers a selection of various choices which will all assist you to lose and maintain weight.

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    Healthy eating is about having a balanced diet which exclusively contains a variety of foods. This involves eating

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    Diabetes is a complex health problem which needs much attention to diet.

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